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How to give back

We are passionate about making a difference and we want to make it a goal to ensure that every single person that buys our products knows that they have made one already. Not only all our products are made of upcycled materials by legally employed people who are fairly paid and working in a healthy and nice environment, but we are also introducing the charity leg of our company.

We have been collecting used denim for a while now and finally the amount of jeans we are receiving are enough to do something with it. So, we have decided to participate in projects where we can produce something nice and useful out of those donated jeans and give it to people in need for free. This way we can realise our dreams: be environmental friendly and help people who are less fortunate than we are.

Our first project is to produce small backpacks for the little residents of an orphanage in Kenya, Africa with the collaboration of Taita Foundation.  The raw material of these donated products will come from the jeans dropped off at our collection points while the production is financed by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hungary.

Our dream is to be able to participate in more charity projects. But for that to happen We Need Your Help! Please drop off your used jeans at our collection points if you live in Budapest, Hungary and/or consider to contribute to the production of charity products.

You might think it is a strange concept, that we not only ask for your used denims but for money as well. You might ask, how come my jeans are not enough?
We believe in ethical and sustainable fashion, and upcycling is especially labor intensive. We provide fair payment to our employees or the people we contract for sewing, it would not be fair to ask them to work for free when they are making charity products. They already dedicating a lot of their free time for the cause. Of course we do not make any profit on our charity products, therefore all the money you donate will go exclusively for the production and transportation of these charity products.



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